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New Book: Representing Rural Women

There is no one rural woman’s story, but a multiplicity of stories. Continue reading

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Uncovering Poverty and Resilience in the Great Flyover

In Heartland, Smarsh eloquently unpacks the harsh realities of the working poor in places that are simultaneously celebrated as the nation’s “heartland” and mocked as being part of the “great flyover.” Continue reading

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The Burn and the Glow: Writing the Honest Appalachia

I want to portray the Appalachian woman in all her complexity–her toughness, resilience, and intelligence–while also admitting that sometimes the Appalachian woman–like all women–makes bad choices, lives a hard life, sacrifices in ways both small and profound for her family. Continue reading

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Harriette Cushman: A Life in Poems

Extension Service topic specialist Harriette Cushman oversaw a multi-faceted poultry program. She loved her job, but writing poetry was her passion. Continue reading

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