Gender and Rural History: A Roundtable

What is the meaning, place and role of gender in both the rural past and the rural historiography?

This is the topic of a debate article just published by journal Historia Agraria (see it here). The discussion revolves around a variety of questions, ranging from the relevance, the opportunity and the very history of the use of gender category in rural history, to the analysis of gender (im)balances in the community of historians working in this field of studies, not to mention the very definition of what is meant by gender.

These and other related topics, for which there are no single or definitive answers, are debated here in a roundtable format.

Editors: José Vicente Serrão (Lisbon, Portugal), and Micheline Cariño (La Paz, Mexico). Contributors: Ana Cabana (Compostela, Spain), Colin R. Johnson (Indiana, USA), Henry French (Exeter, UK), and Leen Van Molle (Leuven, Belgium).

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