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“Kitchen Table Talk to Global Forum” is the topic of next year’s triennial conference, a theme that inspired us to compile a cookbook featuring essays and recipes reflecting sociocultural aspects of food and its production, and samples of our members’ culinary heritage (The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota, publisher).


Many thanks to those who have already submitted essays, recipes, and images. We are seeking additional recipes in a number of categories including main courses, salads, appetizers, baked goods, and desserts. These might be recipes you’ve encountered through your research, or your own family favorite. If the recipe has been handed down, we encourage you to include a brief backstory and photo of the item.


Luca Nebuloni from Milan, Italy [CC BY (]

Chances are your grandmother did not have a recipe for avocado toast, but we are aiming to publish a cookbook that also reflects modern eating habits.  Vegetarian and vegan recipes are better for the environment and our health as well. Perhaps you’ve tweaked a recipe in order to produce a healthier version of that dish. Feel free to submit both the original and updated versions.


Finally, we aspire to produce a cookbook that reflects the global diversity of our organization and the globalization of foodways. Please consider including your favorite recipe in the publication. Submissions are due April 1, 2020.

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