Spatio-Temporal Analysis in Seaweed Gathering and Marketing in Selected Coastal Areas in Ilocos Norte Philippines

Susan G. Aquino and Zenaida M. Agngarayngay

Research Directorate, Mariano Marcos State University, Philippines

Editor’s Note: We are highlighting scholarship that will be featured at the RWSA 15th Triennial conference in Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA, May 15-19, 2024.

Space-time accessibility measures explicitly acknowledge the importance of gender roles as a key social and spatial constraint for women, constraining their behavior, limiting their activities and confining them to a smaller geographic area. The core of this study is to use an accounting framework on gender roles in the seaweed fishery for a rational resource management and promoting gender sensitive seaweed fishery systems for sustainable community transformation and development. It will map out human activities to depict the differentiated roles that men and women significantly play over time and space, that is, the spatio-temporal model in seaweed gathering and marketing. Descriptive statistics, frequency counts, percentages and means were used to treat the data. 

While both gender can gather seaweeds in the supra and intertidal zones, only the males travel the subtidal zone. With a lesser time spent, the females are confined in the nearby supra and intertidal zone. This is because of the time spent and the risk involved in travelling the subtidal zone. It proved once more in the attitude of the respondents that “man are more risk taker” There is this gap in seaweed gathering at the subtidal zone. Still a men’s domain because they go there by boat.

While men are the sole seaweed gatherers at the subtidal zone, women take the burden in sorting, classifying and cleaning the gathered seaweeds and ultimately drying the seaweeds.

Further in-depth study in the spatio temporal activities should be done and other household members should be included in the study.

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