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Spatio-Temporal Analysis in Seaweed Gathering and Marketing in Selected Coastal Areas in Ilocos Norte Philippines

While men are the sole seaweed gatherers at the subtidal zone, women take the burden in sorting, classifying and cleaning the gathered seaweeds and ultimately drying the seaweeds. Continue reading

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Meet the Female “Drummer”     

Gary Gillman, Beer Et Seq Toronto, Ontario, Canada                  `      In North America in the late-19th and early 20th centuries, manufacturing and wholesaling firms relied on armies of traveling sales personnel to interest buyers in their product line. Their customers were typically … Continue reading

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Farmers Helping Farmers

“My book examines … how farm people… negotiated these conflicts through their work with farm and home bureaus… These broad cultural and societal conflicts mirrored a tension that existed in my own family experience.” Continue reading

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