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Gender and the Routledge History of Rural America: An Editor’s Point of View

When I proposed the Routledge History of Rural America, my desire was to edit a book that provided a state-of-the-art view of the topic.  Continue reading

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Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Advocate

Laura Ingalls Wilder … began a long career as an ardent advocate for farm women, their families, and farming as a way of life and a calling. Continue reading

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Pioneer Girl Perspectives: Exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder

To celebrate the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder in 2017, the Pioneer Girl Project of the South Dakota State Historical Society has released a new book on the writer’s legacy. Continue reading

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When Scholars Collaborate: New Book on Rural Women

The essays in this volume profile women whose work was embedded in specific national contexts and together they form a collective biography of women who graduated into a world that was not always prepared to welcome them into the public life that professions demanded. Continue reading

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Writing and Publishing in the Digital Age

I want to write a new kind of book – one that exists in a dynamic and living space, responsive to readers and as instructive in design as it is in content. Continue reading

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