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A few thoughts on the long woman suffrage movement on the Northern Great Plains

_Equality at the Ballot Box_ is the first volume to explore the long history of woman suffrage in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota from a regional perspective. Continue reading

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North Dakota Suffragists: Marie Bottineau Baldwin

Marie Bottineau Baldwin was both a suffragist and Native American rights activist. She sought to educate people about women’s traditional political rights in Native society. Continue reading

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Grandmothers and Granddaughters of the RWSA: What Generation Gap?

What works would you add to our rural women’s studies canon? Continue reading

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Rural Players on the National Stage: Alma Nash, the Missouri Ladies Military Band, and the National Woman Suffrage Procession

In Missouri, rural women themselves played an important role in the suffrage movement. Continue reading

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How Civic Responsibility, Nativism, and World War I Gave Women in the Midwest the Right to Vote

Civic responsibility combined with wartime nativist hysteria to give midwestern women the right to vote. Continue reading

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