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Agrarian Women and the Welfare State

Agrarian Women and the Welfare State Sommestad, Lena, translator Grey Osterud.  Agrarian Women, the Gender of Dairy Work, and the Two-Breadwinner Model in the Swedish Welfare State. New York and London: Routledge, 2019. Review by Sally McMurry, Professor Emerita of … Continue reading

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Women’s Cooperative Farming in India

Can farming in all-women’s groups help women outperform individual male-managed farms in productivity and profits, and empower women socially and politically? Continue reading

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Grandmothers and Granddaughters of the RWSA: What Generation Gap?

What works would you add to our rural women’s studies canon? Continue reading

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Even before the invention of social media networks, radical and lesbian feminists practiced exclusion within communities designed for “womyn-born women.” Continue reading

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Rurality, Feminism, and Appalachia: Possibilities and Prospects for Appalachian Feminism and Interorganizational Collaboration

What is Appalachian feminism? Continue reading

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Sources in Rural Women’s History, Part V: Indigenous Women’s Sources in Entangled Encounters

I have situated my research at the nexus of interactions between Dakotas and Scandinavian settler colonists. I have witnessed how their seemingly parallel lives—grounded in the land—intertwined and entangled. Continue reading

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Sources for Research: Olive “Polly” Matthews Stone, Radical Rural Sociologist

Olive “Polly” Matthews Stone (1897-1977) was a sociologist and advocate for social welfare, civil rights, and interracial relations in the South. Her life and career—with a focus on radical politics and social justice in rural societies, particularly during the 1930s—have largely been left unexplored Continue reading

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