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Call for Manuscripts: Families in Focus

The editors seek books that explore families —as they adjust to changing intimate relationships, uncertain economic situations, and contested political contexts. Continue reading

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“If you can’t quit cryin’ you can’t come here no more”

Growing up, the women around me did a lot of talking, but no one heard them. Continue reading

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Diaries of August 1920: “More to life than the daily grind”

[D]espite the pressures of harvest, August allowed the Sweetser family time for their favorite summer activities: Chautauqua, picnics, and lake excursions. Continue reading

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Gramie Sweetser Drove a REO: diaries of an Aroostook County, Maine, farm wife, 1920-1956

I physically experience farm life in the context of the research I conduct, and I often reflect on the lives of women in this same place when it was in its ascendancy. Continue reading

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Uncovering Poverty and Resilience in the Great Flyover

In Heartland, Smarsh eloquently unpacks the harsh realities of the working poor in places that are simultaneously celebrated as the nation’s “heartland” and mocked as being part of the “great flyover.” Continue reading

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On Feminism, Food, Fun, and Scholarship

Feminism, food, and fun made “Tamale Making and Storytelling” one of the most productive academic panels Salmanson has ever attended. Continue reading

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Refugee from the Plantation South: Marie Wilson’s Flight from Privilege to Notoriety

Marie Wilson rejected the rigid world of the plantation and embraced an unorthodox and worldly lifestyle. Continue reading

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Farm Women in Crisis Times: Rethinking Women’s Roles in the 1980s

The Farm Crisis of the 1980s was a time of upheaval in American agriculture, second only to the long depression of 1920-1940.  The crisis affected many different facets of farm life, including farm women’s roles. Continue reading

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Farmers Helping Farmers

“My book examines … how farm people… negotiated these conflicts through their work with farm and home bureaus… These broad cultural and societal conflicts mirrored a tension that existed in my own family experience.” Continue reading

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“This is all the home I now have”: Deserted and Widowed Homesteaders

Women homesteaders … pressed the bounds of imposed limitations with and sometimes without the help of their male counterparts. The women homesteaders in the Study Area also press the bounds of current homesteading scholarship. Continue reading

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