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Stolen Moments from the Ernst Farm: Letters to a Texan in the CCC

The 406-acre Ernst Farm on the outskirts of San Antonio, was almost completely operated by strong-willed rural women, as a mother, three sisters and a granddaughter make a productive farm through the Depression and World War II. Continue reading

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Poor Farms and the Mythmaking of the Multitasking Woman

We talk about the strains of rural women’s lives in past tense: being isolated during a long winter on a farm, kneading bread while nursing a baby, or darning socks while rocking a cradle with a spare foot, but recently women have experienced social isolation of their own, staying home to avoid the transmission of COVID while being separated from the support of family and friends, baking bread to both pass the time and to cope with interrupted supply lines, trying to write late at night while the children sleep. Continue reading

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Diaries of August 1920: “More to life than the daily grind”

[D]espite the pressures of harvest, August allowed the Sweetser family time for their favorite summer activities: Chautauqua, picnics, and lake excursions. Continue reading

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Gramie Sweetser Drove a REO: diaries of an Aroostook County, Maine, farm wife, 1920-1956

I physically experience farm life in the context of the research I conduct, and I often reflect on the lives of women in this same place when it was in its ascendancy. Continue reading

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Family farming from a rural women’s perspective

University of Lethbridge graduate student Diane McKenzie is combining her rural roots and her research interests with the intention to make an important contribution to the future of agriculture. Continue reading

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The Invisible Farmers

The Chief Justice of India’s recent remarks suggesting women have no place in the ongoing farmers’ protests may have gone unnoticed in the 1960s. Today they appear astonishing in their lack of awareness about what the face of the Indian farmer looks like. Continue reading

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Agrarian Women and the Welfare State

Agrarian Women and the Welfare State Sommestad, Lena, translator Grey Osterud.  Agrarian Women, the Gender of Dairy Work, and the Two-Breadwinner Model in the Swedish Welfare State. New York and London: Routledge, 2019. Review by Sally McMurry, Professor Emerita of … Continue reading

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Women’s Cooperative Farming in India

Can farming in all-women’s groups help women outperform individual male-managed farms in productivity and profits, and empower women socially and politically? Continue reading

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From Garlic to Grocery: turning empty trucks into bigger business for rural Minnesota

How can we connect rural grocers and farmers to overcome food deserts? Continue reading

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All Cooped Up: Gender and Chicken Industry after the Second World War

After the Second World War, the development of agribusiness exploded with unprecedented ferocity. Out of all of the changes that agribusinesses attempted to impress upon farming communities, a reorientation of gender roles may be the most profound. Continue reading

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